Halloween leftover candies

What to do with leftover halloween candies

Halloween is about innovative party ensembles, hayrides, parties, haunted houses and candy. So many candies.

In the event that you’re like us and your children return home with so many pounds of sweets they can barely carry the bag you might be enticed to throw some in the junk (sorry, kids). We’re here to show you there are a lot of ways of spending their reserve and fixing things such that you’re not eating Halloween candy past New Year’s Eve.

Whether you prepare it, liquefy it, paint with it or give it away, there are such countless choices for extra Halloween candy. Here we are providing you with some ideas to do with leftover halloween candies.

Here are some ideas to ensure even your least popular spooky treats are gone long before next Halloween.

Halloween candy blondies

candy blondies

Reese’s peanut butter cups, Milky Way bars and whatever else is in the treats pack can go into these extra Halloween candy treat bars. Simply make a basic cookie dough base and mix in chopped up sweets (chocolate-based sweets works best). Press the mixture into a 9-by-13-inch baking dish, sprinkle with more hacked up sweets, and bake.

Candy brownies

candy brownies

In the event that you’re more into brownies than treats, set up some boxed brownie blend as per the package directions. Mix chopped candy into the batter, fill a glass dish, sprinkle a bit more treats on top just in case, and prepare.

Candy fudge

candy fudge

Basic chocolate fudge gets a redesign when you blend in chopped extra Snickers, Mars, Butterfingers or other chocolate confections. Sprinkle some on top, as well.

Candy bark

candy bark

The only thing terrifying about this is how good it is. Begin by softening your choice of baking chocolate in a double-boiler and pour onto a rimmed baking sheet fixed with parchment paper. Sprinkle with chopped up halloween candy and refrigerate until cooled and solidified. Remove parchment paper, break into pieces, and make an effort not to eat it all yourself.

Candy popcorn

candy popcorn

Heat melting candy in the microwave and mix into a couple of cups of popcorn. Sprinkle with your preferred slashed up treats (Milky Way, Chuckles and Mars are a couple of our top choices). Spread onto a baking mat to cool. Appreciate!

Mix with cereals

Make a fun surprising mix by joining your youngster’s favorite cereal or party blend in with pretzels, dried fruits, nuts and extra sweets bits for a sweet and salty treat.

This recipe for Sweet and salty mix by Love Bakes Great Cakes is the ideal base to begin with for your youngster’s new favorite after Halloween snack.

Fruit pops

fruit pops

These Frozen Peanut Cup Banana Pops from Real Simple utilize chopped Halloween candy as the crunchy covering on custom made natural product pops. Genius! Simply dip your favorite fruit (we find bananas and strawberries work best) in softened chocolate, roll in crushed candy and gobble up.

Infuse with your drink

One more method for utilizing candy without really eating it is to mix liquor with it to make alcohol. Many candies work for this: Jolly Ranchers, candy corn, Skittles, Starburst.

Basically split the candies by variety, place in cups, and add vodka or tequila. Allow the flask to sit for at least around 24 hours, shaking them a few times. As the sweets break down, it makes a wonderful variety and tasty flavor.

Crush and freeze

Chop up extra candy into usable, bite size pieces. Save them in the freeze for cookies, cakes, milkshakes, frozen yogurt mixing into hot chocolate… the potential outcomes are endless.

Dessert Nachos

fruit nachos

Take apple slices or pretzels as the “chips” and afterward drizzle on your favorite toppings like chocolate sauce, caramel or marshmallow cushion. Then sprinkle with bits of your favorite leftover bars.

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