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Workout for your whole body

A toned and fit body is a dream goal for everyone, but sometimes this goal can be hard to achieve. With today’s busy lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, keeping yourself fit and toned is a challenge. Making a routine for exercise or hitting the gym is also troublesome. No matter how fancy and well-equipped the gym you have joined, its is of no use unless you can’t take out time to go regularly. Apart from flaunting the toned body, it is also the need of the hour. After two years of covid period, everyone has become more conscious of their health. Having a fit body is more related to your overall wellness than just only style statement. Achieving a fit body is not a goal only for stars, but common people have also understood the importance of a fit body. Here we are giving you tips on how can you achieve a healthy and fit body at home without hitting the gym. For a full-body workout, you can do the following exercises. Initially start with a set or two of 15 reps each then you can increase repetitions and sets. The exercises will help you increase strength, flexibility and balance.

Side Lunge – Star

  • Stand straight and join your hands Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart, your back is straight and your weight is on your heels. Take a big step to your right. While doing so, keep your torso upright. Go down until your right knee is bent at around 90 degrees and keep your left leg straight. Spread your hands and right leg and form a star.

Chair- Oblique twist

  • Sit like you have an invisible chair near you. Raise your hands while doing so. While contracting your abs, twist from your torso to your right and raise your right leg. Keep your hands on the sides of your head.

Shoulder Tap – Commandos

shoulder tap commandos

  • With shoulders stacked over wrists, get in a high-plank position on the mat or the floor. Use your palm to alternately touch the top of your opposite arm. Keep your body still. Keep your forearms on the mat and extend both your legs right behind you. Push up onto your left hand, until that arm is straight. Follow it up by the right arm to come into a high-plank position.

Triceps-Glute Kicks

tricep glut exercise

  • Begin by getting in a high plank position on your mat or floor. Bend your knees while keeping your abs tight. Kick your right leg back until your glute is contracted and your hip is extended, While bending your arms lower your torso.

So, gear up and make a routine to follow these exercises daily. Regular exercise and checking on binge eating will surely help you to get a toned body.

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