How to protect skin from sun damage

Protect your skin from sun damage

Taking a short nap by the poolside! Enjoy the weather by drinking your fav juice, while taking a break at the poolside. Isn’t this sound so relaxing? But wait, what when you see tight dry patches all over your face after the sunbath? All the sights of a nice relaxing time at the poolside have gone, right?
You may think that nothing is going to happen if you step out in the sun for a while. But this isn’t true. Even a short exposure to sunlight may give you sunburns. Using good quality sunscreen is a must before stepping out in the sun.

Make SPF your BFF

While sunscreens benefits have proven a long time ago, it has become even more important with the rising global temperature. The Ozone layer which is used to protect the environment from harmful sun rays is depleting day by day. This is the reason sunscreen has become even more important for people. Not even ladies men and kids too need to apply one before sun exposure. No matter what time or season it is you must apply sunscreen before heading out.if used regularly and appropriately it can protect you against skin inflammation, sensitivity, sunburn, hyperpigmentation, premature aging, and skin cancer.

How sunscreen work

The natural energy produced by the sun has UV radiation which causes skin damage. Pigmentation, premature aging, and sunburn are some of the common side effects of sun exposure, however, in some extreme cases, it can lead to even skin cancer. Here comes the sunscreen in the picture.

The skin’s outer layer is composed of cells that contain melanin which helps us to protect against the sun. However, melanin can do only a little protection, with climate changes and increasing global temperature incidents of sunburn have increased, which shows that body’s natural defense system is not enough to fight against the sun. All we need is outer protection of good sunscreen.

Sunscreen prevents immune suppression, induction of tissue proteases, and DNA mutation that causes skin cancer. SPF with a value higher than 15 is shown to reduce 40% of squamous cells and 50% of melanoma incidences. If you are sitting near windows working regularly on a computer screen you are exposing yourself to skin-damaging light, here sunscreen can be your savior.

What should we look for in good sunscreen?

  • SPF –is one of the main attributes of a good sunscreen. A sunscreen with SPF 15 protects against 93% of UV rays. SPF 30 against 97% and SPF against 98% of sun rays.
  • Filters –Physical sunscreens use filters such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to physically block and reflect UV rays. Once applied, they start working immediately. On the other hand, chemical sunscreen doesn’t sit on the skin or block sun rays. They work by absorbing UV protons, converting them to heat, and releasing the heat from the skin. These need to be applied 20-30 min before sun exposure. There is also a hybrid kind of sunscreens that combines both kinds of filters. Since the chemical works by absorption, physical sunscreen might be better for those with sensitive skin.
  • Broad spectrum –look for broad spectrum written on your sunscreen. It means that sunscreen will protect you from both kinds of UV rays – UVA and UVB.
  • Water-resistant – pick a water-resistant sunscreen it will provide you protection in water and also in extreme humidity.

FAQs related sunscreen

Who should apply sunscreen?

Anyone over the age of 6 months should apply sunscreen

Where should sunscreen be applied?

All exposed areas of the body. Ears, neck, arms, feet, hands, and of course face.

How often should one reapply sunscreen?

Every two to three hours, especially after swimming or if are sweating. If you sit indoors
Or don’t sit near windows you may skip the second application

Which ingredients should be avoided in sunscreen?

Ingredients like oxybenzone, actinolite, octisalate, and avobenzone should be avoided.

Wrapping up

On a concluding note we must remind you once, the use of sunscreen is a must for your skin health and overall health too.

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