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Word monsoon brings the picture of cool breeze, lush green landscape, water drizzling all over, and a nice smell of wet mud to our minds. All this feels so pleasant! aren’t they? Everyone loves to sit on the balcony and enjoy hot snacks during the monsoon. But the picture is always not so rosy. Sometimes monsoon season plays hazards to our health. Most monsoon-related health issues are due to infectious bacteria and viruses. However, you can avoid falling sick if you take care of your health in the monsoon. Usually, a weak immune system makes you vulnerable to various diseases during the monsoon. You can catch seasonal flu, Dengue, or malaria during monsoon. Here is the list of some health issues that one can face during monsoon.

  • Dengue
  • Viral fever
  • Malaria
  • Typhoid
  • Chikungunya
  • Cholera
  • Food poisoning
  • Skin infections

But you don’t need to fret seeing the long list of diseases, we know that it is worrisome but if you follow these simple steps you can remain healthy in monsoon season.

10 Monsoon Health Tips

Increase Vit C Intake
As we all know that monsoon is the perfect season for viruses and bacteria. Many diseases can affect your health like dengue, malaria, infection, etc. However one of the most effective ways of keeping these diseases at bay is to improve your immunity. The most effective way of improving immunity is to take a lot of fresh green vegetables, Vit C-rich diet like lemon, sprouts, and other food items that are rich in Vit C. Following Vit C-rich diet will improve your immunity and further help you to avoid monsoon-born diseases.

Drink boiled water
Always drink boiled water if you want to avoid water-borne diseases in the monsoon. Especially if you are prone to getting in more easily then you must always drink boiled water. However, there are a variety of RO and water purifiers available in the market you can choose a good quality one.

Clean fruits and Vegetable before Consuming
Fruits and vegetables must be washed thoroughly before consumption. A lot of bacteria live on the surface of these vegetables during monsoon. If you don’t wash them properly you are likely to fall ill.

Follow Hand hygiene
Wash and Sanitize your Hands – has been the most popular slogan since 2020. While maintaining good hand hygiene can protect you against many diseases. Washing your hands for 20 seconds or more will keep you safe from these disease-causing germs.

Protect yourself from mosquitoes
Protection against mosquitoes is not only about getting drains clear, but you also use a good quality mosquito repellant for your body. You must use mosquito repellent at home also during monsoon, at night you can use a mosquito net. So all these steps will keep you safe from mosquitoes.

Use Disinfectant for Bathing
Use a good quality disinfectant for bathing. After getting drenched in rain using a disinfectant is even more important. It will help you stay away from skin infections.

Do not Eat Junk Food
You should strictly avoid Junk street food during monsoon. No matter how tempting the dish may look, you should avoid it. Open street foods are a good home to various germs and bacteria, it may cause food poisoning. Always prefer home-cooked fresh food during monsoon, too much oily and fried food may upset your stomach.

Exercise regularly
Exercising regularly is good health practice in monsoon, it also helps improve immunity. Exercise releases a happy hormone in the body which is good for your mental health during the monsoon.

Maintaine safe distance from sick people
You should keep a safe distance from sick people. Staying too close to them may increase your chance of getting infected. Use a mask while attending to a sick at home. Sanitise patient’s clothes, and utensils regularly.

Take enough sleep
Good sleep is essential for good health. Sleeping at least 7-8 hours at night is way to good health. People who are not getting enough tend to fall ill more often than those who are getting enough rest.

So, above all are a few tips for remaining healthy during monsoon. Although keeping one’s temptation is quite difficult, especially during monsoon, not taking proper care of your health may have adverse effects on you especially it ruins your lovely hair. To know more about hair care during monsoon you can read Hair care during Monsoon. Taking a little extra precaution can keep you healthy during monsoon. Take a little precaution and enjoy the monsoon.

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