How to prevent Acidity

As the festive season is approaching get together, the celebration is on the cards for all of us. Partying, and eating there will be fun. But some of you may be worried about your poor stomach. Many of us suffer bloating, and gas acidity issues after eating heavy or fried. Thus festive season becomes a burden for them either they choose not to eat and watch others only or they suffer acidity problems after having a feast.

Excess secretion of acids in the stomach causes a feeling of acidity in the chest or tummy. There are some symptoms related to acidity which you should look for.

Symptoms of Acidity

  • A burning sensation in the chest typically after eating. It may get worse at night.
  • Increasing pain while bending over or resting down.
  • A bitter or acidic sensation in the throat.
  • Throat issues.
  • Having trouble swallowing food.

All of these symptoms may interfere with your daily routine and can keep you from finishing your task.
To overcome all these health problems we have presented some tips from health experts which can help you to combat acidity.

Few easy steps to prevent acidity

    1. Eat Healthy and 80% of your appetitewhile this may sound a little weird during the festive season to eat healthy food, you can choose healthy snacks among others. Like you can have roasted nuts and frozen yogurt. Also, eat less according to your appetite, if you have an appetite for 3 bread eat only 2. Eating less than your appetite allows you to leave room in your stomach to digest food.
    2. Chew your food 32 timeschewing food properly creates a lot of digestive saliva in your mouth, it aids digestion in the stomach. Chewing aids to break down the structure of food, for most types of food, an average of 32 chews is recommended. Please note that you need to chew less for water-filled foods like fresh fruit.
    3. Don’t drink water, juices, or soda while eatingHaving water, juices or soda is not recommended while eating, it washes away digestive juices from the stomach. Water is a coolant and regularly indulging in consuming it can hinder the digestion problem. Wait for at least half an hour after having a meal before consuming water.
    4. Don’t eat too late at nighttry eating at least 3 hour before sleeping at night. Eating late at night causes bloating, it may cause acidity you. Before going to bed dinner should be finished at least 3hiurs before, it gives your stomach enough time for digestion. Sleeping right after eating hinders digestion.

Wrapping up

To sum we can say that you must follow these few steps to get rid of acidity. This festival season should not be a burden on your stomach, rather it must have happy memories with you. Stop punishing your stomach be gentle on it, enjoy the season to the full

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