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What is Pegasus

You might have come across this word Pegasus a lot recently but have you ever wondered what exactly is this all about and why there is so much controversy around it, let’s find out today.

Before we dig deep into Pegasus lets quickly understand how our smartphones work. We have two major Tech Giants , Google and Apple which control the majority of smartphones today. There are a whole lot of different services offered on smartphones like Location tracking, Maps navigation, Cloud storage and a plethora of other services. These services have definitely made our lives easy but there are a whole lot of new threats and risks increased by this. Just like two sides of the same coin, technology has its advantages and disadvantages. There are a whole lot of people out there who want to get hold of your private information , your location , personal Identification system, your credit card information. The most common reason is to do some kind scam to steal your hard earned money.

This is where Pegasus is little bit different as it’s not a common scammer tool trying to steal your bank details , Pegasus spyware is highly advanced and stealth software which can secretly reads all your information from smartphone, it can even use your camera to grab photos, turn on your phone microphone to record audio without you every noticing a single thing. Pegasus is developed by Israel Software company NSO Group here is how they describe what they do on their official website

OUR TECHNOLOGY HELPING GOVERNMENTS MAINTAIN PUBLIC SAFETYNSO Group develops best-in-class technology to help government agencies detect and prevent a wide-range of local and global threats.
Our products help government intelligence and law-enforcement agencies use technology to meet the challenges of encryption to prevent and investigate terror and crime.
NSO technology is designed by telecommunications and intelligence experts who, positioned at the forefront of their fields, are dedicated to keeping pace with the ever-changing cyber world. 

Are you a victim to Pegasus ?

The Pegasus had triggered a lot of controversy in the past few years across the world and the NSO company, creator of the software, is alleged to have been used to targeting Opposition politicians. People holding important positions in company, important Government official, Scientist or anyone have access to secret research papers etc are also at risk. The technology used in pegasus is very costly and niche in the sense that they beat Google and Apple security to infect the target. Read about Omar Radi how he fell victim to Pegsus after getting involved in raising voice against officials in alleged corruption cases. So if you are among the type of people listed above then you should be worried, otherwise just carry on with you daily lives. But again it does not mean that you are not at risk of getting hacked / scammed by any other types of threat be it phishing / vishing etc. Stay informed, stay alert !

Is there any way to know your phone is infected with Pegasus

Pegasus is famous for “zero click attack”, which means even though you did not do any activity like surfing indecent websites, or install any app outside playstore or appstore. The company which created Pegasus remains a step ahead of others continuously searching for vulnerabilities in smartphones and exploiting any loopholes. If you are not technologist it’s highly unlikely you can detect Pegasus attack yourself , you will need a skilled technician to identify the same because Pegasus has been known to leave no traces in the target phone making it very difficult to identify you are hacked and even difficult to prove the same.

There are several tools available freely which can be used to scan a phone and see if you are a victim of the pegasus spyware attack.

Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) is a tool to facilitate the consensual forensic analysis of Android and iOS devices, for identifying traces of compromise. This is an open source tool and freely available for anyone to use, this however would require some tech expert to install and run.

Amnesty MVT

Another spyware detection tool which is available for scanning your phone for tracing any signs of compromise.


These tools can help you detect signs of infection in your phone but cannot prevent it. If you identify something in your phone with these tools chances are that your data is already compromised you should take immediate actions to prevent further damage.

Statistics from accross the globe of Pegasus usage

Below are the list of countries either targeted by Pegasus or involved in using pegasus :

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Panama, Palestine, Poland, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Togo, Uganda, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), Yemen, European Union

All this information is available in public domain , this list is probably much smaller than actual usage of pegasus which never came into light

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