The enamel changed into determined near the village of Orozmani, close to Dmanisi, wherein human skulls dated to across the equal time had been located within the Nineties and 2000s, Reuters reported.

The latest discovery of the human tooth near Orozmani gives greater evidence that early people 

 may also have gone to the south Caucasus place first after leaving Africa, Reuters reported.

"It solidifies Georgia as a really important place for paleoanthropology and the human story in general," he told Reuters.

Scientists believe that early humans started migrating out of Africa about 2 million years ago, Reuters reported.

Jack Peart, the British archaeology pupil who determined the teeth close to Orozmani said the results for the find are "great."

In its assertion, the center explained: "Orozmani, together with Dmanisi, represents the center of the oldest distribution of vintage humans

The oldest early human fossils in the world – a partial jaw – were found in modern-day Ethiopia and are dated to about 2.8 million years ago.