Chemicals determined in garments may additionally 'negatively effect fitness' and end up cancerous


Toxic chemicals are widely used in clothing ranges designed to resist heat, grease, stains and water.

source:the reddies

Due to their volatility, forever chemicals can break off products and move through the air. Sometimes they enter the bloodstream via several routes,

mainly when they move through the air. There is evidence suggesting this could lead to hormonal interferences that may set the stage for several types of cancer.

Compounds used in the production of modern clothing have been linked to adverse health effects in recent years, including skin irritation and developmental issues.

Poly-fluoroalkyl (PFAS) - also known as forever chemicals - are ubiquitous, but they are particularly prevalent in clothing, shoes and accessories.

Clothing items contain particularly high levels of PFAS because they're a key ingredient in the chemical treatments used in production.

The adverse effects of these chemicals are becoming increasingly clear, they may only become deleterious to health after prolonged exposure.