Therefore, if you suspect that your spouse is hiding something from you, it could be true. You should not be afraid to discover the truth.

If you want to find out if your spouse is keeping a secret—or worse—they are cheating on you, here are some signs.

1. They Seem to be Nervous Around You. One of the common hints that your partner is hiding something is their nervousness around you.

2. They are Always Absent-minded. Aside from being nervous, you notice they are often preoccupied.

3. They Avoid Eye Contacts. Consider it a hint if your partner cannot look you straight in the eyes.

4. They Often Come Home Late. Is your husband or wife suddenly doing overtime at work? If recently they always come home late, you must suspect something is wrong.

5. They Do Not Sleep on Your Bed. It is normal for couples to fight before bedtime sometimes, causing them to sleep separately.

6. They Stop Sharing Stories with You. When was the last time your partner poured out their feelings or thoughts to you?

10. They are Suddenly Giving You a Lot of Gifts. Like in no. 9, your spouse might resort to indulging you with gifts to mask their guilt of keeping a secret from you.