Are you getting annoyed with your boyfriend for being too clingy? Probably, he is like that because he is afraid of losing you.

His fear makes him fixated on you, causing him to be extra thoughtful and emotionally dependent on your relationship.

1. He is Too Sweet and Caring to You. One of the most obvious signs that your boyfriend cannot let you go is how he patronizes you.

2. He Always Gives You Presents. Aside from being adoring, he stays generous with you. He does not fail to surprise you with fancy gifts on special occasions. And even on ordinary days

3. He Does Everything You Tell Him to Do. He never says “no” to you. On the contrary, since he does not want to give you any reason to leave,

4. He Gives You Everything You Want. Name it, and he will give it. He is willing to spend a lot just to make you happy.

5. He Makes Sure He is Always Attractive. Of course, he does not take his physique for granted too. He is afraid of losing you to someone more handsome

6. He Always Initiates Reconciliation. And whenever you have fights or misunderstandings, your boyfriend is always the first one to humble himself

7. He Always Checks on You. This guy seems to think of you all the time. Even if you are in separate places, he will keep checking on you.

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