Have you fought with your boyfriend recently, and do you think you have done something that hurt him much?

You are probably curious about the signs that a man is hurt emotionally.

1. He Will Not Greet or Smile at You. Even if you make an effort to visit him at home or work, do not expect him to excitedly run to you

2. He Will Not Talk to You. Of course, he will not talk to you as well. No matter how many questions you ask him

3. He Does Not Seem to See You. Do not be shocked if he passes by without even looking at you. Yes, he might treat you as if you do not exist.

4. He Ignores Your Friends. Asking for help from your friends who are close to him will not do anything.

5. He Does Not Respond to Your Messages and Calls. Even if you call him a hundred times a day, you cannot reach him if he is not ready to talk to you yet.

6. He Blocks You on Social Media. In connection to no. 5, he might block you on social media to avoid receiving any messages from you.

7. He Will Not Pursue You. You are probably used to your boyfriend initiating reconciliation every time you fought in the past.