Big brain alert! Border collies are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds, and they love learning new tricks and working hard.

Poodles of all sizes carry a high degree of intelligence, but the standard is the one best equipped to utilize those smarts, thanks to his greater size and strength.

German shepherds love being outdoors and are best suited for owners who lead active, healthy lifestyles.

Coming in just behind the German shepherd in popularity in the U.S.,

Bred to be obedient, loyal companions, Dobermans are often vigilant.

As herders, they were required to keep track of a large number of wandering animals for long periods of time, often without supervision.

The most popular breed in the United States every year since 1991, these gregarious, hard-working hunting dogs are no slouches when it comes to brains, either.

Looks and brains! These adorable little dogs have long been a favorite among royalty and aristocracy thanks to their regal appearance and charming personalities.