Needle therapy is a customary Chinese medication strategy that has been drilled for north of 2000 years

While many have bantered about whether needle therapy really works, when done accurately needle therapy produces quantifiable changes in the body's physiology. 

These progressions demonstrate that needle therapy meaningfully affects the body

Some of the notable physiological changes that acupuncture promotes include: – Increased circulation – Decreased inflammation – Pain relief – Relief of muscle spasms – Stimulation of the immune system

The physiological changes that happen with needle therapy come from the skin's surface and channel the whole way to the mind. 

At the point when the needles are put into the skin, they animate tangible receptors and make electrical responsiveness

Alongside the conviction that the meridian framework is reestablished and Qi will actually want to move openly

 this electrical excitement sends driving forces to the pituitary organ and endorphins are delivered accordingly.

Seven studies recorded other expected minor side-effects for the mothers-to-be, such as pain, soreness and bleeding at the needle site, and drowsiness.