Affenpinschers are small pooches that can grow to be 11.5 inches at the withers. They weigh 10 pounds fully grown. At 7 weeks old, Affenpinschers weigh around 2 pounds

Affenpinschers have some common health issues that their owner should be aware of. The first one is called patellar luxation. This is a medical term for a dislocated knee.

Knee dislocation happens when the pup’s kneecap moves out of place as it’s running or trotting along. Sometimes an Affenpinscher is able to pop it back into place with a certain movement.

Affenpinschers are relatively easy to train. An owner should keep in mind that these dogs do best with short obedience training sessions. When a training session is short

Many breeders have Affenpinscher puppies costing around $1000.

This price can be higher or lower depending on the specific bloodlines of the Affenpinschers. They can also be found at Affenpinscher rescue organizations.

The price of food for this dog goes from $20 to $50 a month. The brand and amount of food an owner buys are going to affect the final price.