Study: Air Pollution Linked To Child Behavioral And Cognitive Issues

While it can have constantly been a situation that air pollutants should have an effect on the manner our youngsters breathe

it seems that it may also affect the way they think, develop, and behave into adulthood.

The observe, published inside the July problem of Environmental Health Perspectives

found that children whose mothers experienced higher nitrogen dioxide (NO2) exposure during pregnancy

especially in the first and second trimester, were more likely to have behavioral problems later in life.

As for children’s direct exposure to air pollution, researchers also reported that higher exposures to small-particle air pollution (PM2.5)

when children were 2 to 4 years old was associated with poorer child behavioral functioning and cognitive performance.

The study gathered data from almost 2,000 mothers recruited during pregnancy from six cities: Memphis, Tennessee; Minneapolis; Rochester; San Francisco; and two in Washington, Seattle and Yakima.