It's common for people who menstruate have some kind of method for remembering when their period is due


Maybe you slap it on your Google calendar or get hold of a short "crimson heart" emoji from your pal who is on the identical cycle.


For some, however, there's a different dead giveaway that it's that time of the month: the cycle of the moon.

According to astrology, having a menstrual cycle that syncs up with the lunar cycle is called a "red moon cycle"—and some experts say it's a lucky alignment.

First, let's break down the likelihood of your period aligning with the full moon.

The common menstrual cycle lasts anywhere between 21 and 32 days as you circulate thru the follicular, ovulation, luteal, and menstruation levels

When your progesterone levels drop in the luteal phase, you pave the way for your period, which lasts an average of two to seven days.

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