Whether you want to change the world or just be your own boss, the entrepreneur bug is spreading fast. Bootstrapping is a noble cause

but an infusion of capital in any business venture will help a company scale, gain credibility and even tap into resources beyond money.

It is no secret that startups and small businesses have difficulty accessing venture capital funding.

Here are some alternatives to venture capital funding for your startup.

1. Friends and family One alternative for venture funds is through friends and families. We call this the triple F: "friends, family and foolish money." It's the most basic form of crowdsourcing.

2. Debt financing The second option is debt, debt financing or debt partners. You can have different scenarios of debt financing, including secure or unsecured debt. There are many options here, and each has its own set of benefits.

3. Financing through clients The third option is to finance your business through your clients. Be profitable by identifying your founding clients who are going to fund your business.

ou can go to series A and find an investor with favorable terms when you have revenue. You can negotiate better terms when you have some revenue.