An invasive genus of mosquitos have made their manner to Southern California, leaving a path of inflammation and itchy bites in their wake.

Female Aedes aegypti mosquito in the method of looking for a penetrable website online at the skin floor of the human host, 2006.

The Aedes mosquito, originally located in tropical climates, have been found on nearly every continent in the world

And are believed to have arrived in California extra than 10 years ago via cargo deliver.

They prefer to bite humans, over other mammals or birds, and their bites can go through clothing. They'll often strike rapidly instead of just once.

They also don't stick to the traditional early morning/early evening habits of other mosquitos, on the hunt throughout the day.

While more invasive, Aedes are poor fliers, hence the "Ankle-Biters" nickname.

Most Angelenos will have noticed that the majority of their bites are on their legs, since they hover above the ground.

Aedes were recognized to transmit sicknesses like yellow fever, dengue and Zika, but they have not been connected to the West Nile Virus, which has been positioned in Los Angeles County in 2022.