A former police officer armed with a handgun and knife attacked a child-care facility in northeastern Thailand yesterday, killing 36 people, including 24 Childrens.

It was the deadliest mass shooting ever carried out by a lone perpetrator in the Southeast Asian nation.

People outside the child-care facility on Thursday where a mass shooting took place in northeastern Thailand.

Witnesses described a scene of terror inside the Child Development Center Uthaisawan, as the attacker shot and stabbed more than 20 children

some as young as 2, and fatally stabbed a teacher who was eight months pregnant.

The attacker then shot and killed his wife and their 4-year-old child before killing himself, according to officials.

The toll in Thursday’s massacre surpassed that of an attack in 2020


when a soldier armed with an assault rifle killed at least 29 people at a military base and a shopping mall.

Thailand, a majority Buddhist country of about 69 million, has some of Asia’s highest rates of gun ownership, although the levels are far lower than those in the U.S.