Health officials issued a warning on Thursday alerting county residents to be cautious by ensuring their pets are vaccinated against rabies.

Along with that, people are urged to stay away from stray animals and wildlife as they could be carriers.

This is the seventh bat confirmed to have rabies in Oregon this year.

Bats are the most common carriers of rabies in Oregon, with about 8-10% positive cases of bats tested each year, according to the Oregon Health Authority.

Health officials stress that people should not approach bats or other mammals that are behaving in an odd manner, like flopping on the ground.

If a bat is acting unusual, health officials urge retreating indoors and taking pets inside too.

If someone has to pick up a bat, health officials urge using heavy gloves and/or a shovel.

Health officials further recommend immediately cleaning the wound and seeking medical help if scratched or bitten, along with reporting it to Marion County at 503-588-5346.