Biden attacks Trump, pronouncing his wing of the Republican party is a threat to democracy.

source ;ABC News

Biden warned Americans that democracy is under  assault from a faction of the Republican birthday celebration led through former President Donald Trump.

source ;timesofisrael

Biden attacked his predecessor, saying that "too much of what's taking place in our united states nowadays is not regular.

source ;bloomberg

The speech got here just  months in advance of midterm congressional elections.

source ;nytimes

Democrats are fighting to hold their narrow majorities within the Senate and House of Representatives.

source ; india tv

Biden released a couple of political broadsides towards Trump and his supporters.

source ; The Gurdian

After months of struggling inside the polls, Biden is looking for to capitalize on a sequence of legislative wins.

source ; Financial Times

concerns approximately the impact of the Supreme Court's abortion ruling --- and from ongoing insurance of Trump's criminal issues.

source ; Financial Times