The Blue Oval Network is one of Ford's efforts to encourage EV ownership among its customers. The network remedies the issue of charger scarcity.

Electric vehicle charging is a lifestyle that Ford is supporting its customers develop familiar with the usage of the Blue Oval Network.

The Blue Oval network is a term the Michigan-based automaker uses to describe its web of public chargers.

. With over 19,500 charging stations in its network, Ford customers can take their EV ownership to the next level. It's no longer news

That most EV shoppers are concerned about using variety and the way it influences their each day go back and forth.

Admittedly, some EVs like the Rivian R1T (260 to 400+miles) and Mercedes EQS (340 to 350 miles) offer a respectable amount of range.

However, these EVs typically belong to the luxury EV category, preventing the bulk of the customers from going after them.

However, Ford's Blue Oval Network makes a strong case for the switch to EVs. As a legacy automaker, Ford didn't need to do much to be seen as a threat in the market.

Unlike startup Rivian, which built its EVs from scratch, Ford launched EV variants of existing models