PCOS is a hormonal condition experienced only by women. The main symptoms of this condition include absence of menstruation

irregular menstruation, very heavy flow, spotting and short or light menstruation.

These irregularities occur mainly as a consequence of PCOS. Because of them, it can be very difficult for a woman to conceive a child and get pregnant.

But, know that women suffering from this condition can indeed get pregnant. Though the exact cause of infertility is unknown

it is thought and various studies have demonstrated that you can become pregnant with lifestyle modifications and a healthy diet.

Women having this condition have been advised to get regular checkups, follow a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet.

One component which is certainly critical for fertility is balanced hormones and healthy adrenals. Your hormones have an immediate hyperlink for your strain hormone this is the cortisol hormone.

Women who have this condition suffer from very irregular menstrual cycles and that is why it is important that they track there cycles every month

You can get ovulation kits from any local pharmacy, which function very similarly to a pregnancy test, to determine when you are ovulating.