How quantum computer systems may want to exchange the car enterprise, beginning in Europe

In recent times, the automobile sector has focused on improving two areas: autonomous driving and energy efficiency, the latter especially in electric vehicles.

However, recent research aim to take these improvements much further than ever beforeand it would be thanks to the support of quantum computers.

That is exactly what scientists at Terra Quantum AG are attempting. Thanks to a brand new partnership with Volkswagen, are operating on bringing quantum technology to cars.

With this proposal they seek to enable hybrid quantum neural connections to improve image recognition by the car.

It has been shown that, with the support of this method, the operation of an assisted driving system can be improved.

Terra Quantim AG and Volkswagen are not the only ones working on their investigation. BMW is doing the same with Pasqal, a company based in Paris.

This latest association, yes, adopts this technology with another approach. He hopes to be able to manufacture lighter cars

This step have to happen in 2030, while the market for quantum technology is anticipated to reach 500 billion greenbacks in fee.