Super social and full of affection, these bright, low-shedding purrballs dispel all myths about aloof cats by being complete 'Velcro kitties'.

Although long-haired Siamese existed for centuries, it was only in the early 1950s that people made an effort to designate them as a separate breed

Also known as a colorpoint Persian, the Himalayan—a cross between a Siamese and Persian—always dazzles when she sashays into a room.

Now who's this fluffy face? Devotees of the alluring Birman use descriptives such as 'ridiculously precious' and 'complete cuddlepuff' when fawning over this beauty.

Consistently in the running as one of the most popular cat breeds, the adorable ragdoll takes the bouquet for congeniality, too.

Oooo, a gray cat with blue eyes? We'll take two, please! One of many chic coats of the Tonkinese crossbreed (thanks to his Siamese and Burmese parents)

The snowshoe reminds us that each cat breed with blue eyes stands out as totally individual.

Who's this handsome devil? A token of good luck, apparently, especially in their native Thailand.