Even though COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective and widely available in the United States, many Americans are still hesitant to get vaccinated.

Indeed, there are stark disparities in COVID-19 vaccination rates across the United States: In some counties, almost all residents are vaccinated

At the same time as, in other counties, best a minority of citizens are vaccinated. A new examine from USC researchers sheds mild on the ideals that underlie those consequential disparities in vaccination fees.

"If you look at a map of the proportion of vaccinations across U.S. counties, you find very stark differences across counties, across regions and across states," said Nils Karl Reimer

"The goal of our research was to understand how regional differences can help us explain differences in vaccination rates beyond the structural barriers, and indeed that's what we found.

Fairness, loyalty and purity maximum impactful values in determining COVID vaccination popularity

The study rests on moral foundations theory, which argues there are five basic moral foundations: care, fairness, loyalty, authority and purity.

The researchers' evaluation determined ethical issues about equity, loyalty and purity inspired county-degree vaccination prices, but not care or authority.