Darrell Creeks will be in the Milwaukee Region Town hall Thursday for a last pre-preliminary hearing on a few Milwaukee charges

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 This, only one day in the wake of completing the process of condemning in Waukesha.

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Creeks was indicted and condemned to life in jail without the chance of parole on Wednesday in association with the Waukesha Christmas March misfortune

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Judge Jennifer Dorow condemned him to six lifetimes in jail, one for every one of the casualties he killed during the procession assault.

He was likewise accused of 17.5 years in jail for each of the 61counts of carelessly jeopardizing wellbeing.

While Creeks' procedures in Waukesha Region have wrapped up, his time in a town hall has not. In Milwaukee Area, Streams has three open cases, all of which have last pre-preliminary hearings today

One of the open cases is for a 2020 occurrence, wherein he is having to deal with two second degree wildly jeopardizing security penalties and ownership of a gun by an indicted criminal accusation.

The subsequent case is from a November 2021 episode, where Creeks is blamed for running a lady over with his vehicle.

He was out on a $1,000 bond for that occurrence when, after three weeks, he drove his SUV through the Waukesha march.

Finally, Brooks will have a final pre-trial hearing for a third incident that happened on Dec. 6, 2021. According to a criminal complaint, Brooks contacted the female victim involved in the November incident, in violation of his bond agreement.