There’s no denying Olivia Wilde can direct the hell out of a movie. And with her latest behind-the-camera effort

Warner Bros.

It’s a film that should resonate with moviegoers, who may show up to check out an easy-on-the-eyes ensemble that includes Florence Pugh, Harry Styles and Chris Pine. 

Warner Bros.

At the very least, it’s a film that will continue to generate plenty of chatter (there’s already a ton of pre-release headlines

Any Oscar love is likely to come for Arianne Phillips’s glamorous costumes and cinematographer Matthew Libatique’s sensuous framing.

The ensemble is full of talented performers and A-list stars.

And Wilde doesn’t just show she’s the real deal as a director. She reminds viewers that she’s a great actress when given the the right role.

but it’s great to see her return to form after her ignored work in “Meadowland.”