Diabetes mellitus is a pandemic which has struck the world and is proceeding to strike harder and more grounded throughout the long term.

 However throughout the long term we have progressed in different spaces of improvement,

 innovation and examination, diabetes is one illness which has developed further and keeps on striking people.

Diabetes, when it influences people, strikes each essential organ prompting a wellbeing calamity.

What are the major forms of diabetes? The two major types of diabetes are Type I diabetes and Type II diabetes. In addition, there are additional types of diabetes such as Gestational diabetes, Pancreatic diabetes mellitus, Latent Autoimmune disease of adults, Maturity Onset diabetes of young etc.

Type I diabetes or juvenile diabetes destroys the pancreatic beta cells by certain antibodies. Hence, the insulin produced by the diseased pancreas is significantly reduced

Type I diabetes till date, has hardly any chances of remission because the cause of their diabetes is a progressive beta cell damage

intermittent fasting and keto diet are specialized diet plans which can give quicker results in terms of weight and diabetes control, but the results are short term and will remain only till you do it.

Also, such diets should be followed only after consulting your doctor or dietician. What is recommended is a prolonged permanent change in dietary and exercise plans.

The researchers found that participants consuming a diet rich in beans and potatoes experienced weight loss and reduced insulin resistance

“Potatoes and beans are not innately ‘bad foods’ when it comes to glucose management.