To achieve the goal many are taking help od weight loss pills. In this story we will throw light on these weight loss pills being circulated in markets and quite a hit among youngsters.

What are diet pills? Appetite suppressants, or diet pills, assist you with getting in shape by controlling your appetite. They can be useful for individuals who are overweight You can likewise purchase over-the-counter eating regimen pills.

These medications can work by changing chemical levels in your stomach, enacting synthetic channels in your brain, or, keeping the body from absorbing fat through your gastrointestinal system.

Getting more fit with diet pills may not be a solid choice for you in the event that you have a specific medical issue. People with liver sickness, hypothyroidism, a background marked by coronary illness

Side effects of diet pills- dizziness constipation dry mouth weakness sleep deprivation or other rest issues altered feeling of taste

headaches cough high pulse rate raised circulatory pressure vomiting and nausea

These days teens are getting fascinated by Diet pills, more and more teens are consuming diet pills with or without a prescription. As it is discussed above diet pills have their own side effects

To conclude we must say that diet pills may be serious hazards to the health of teens. 

Parents should discourage their children to avoid taking diet pills, instead, they should encourage them to follow a healthy routine instead.