Don’t Pat Yourself at the Back Just Yet for That Half-Hour Run

If you refuse to identify as a “couch potato” because of that half-hour workout you diligently slip in each day

despite the fact that you’re sedentary for much of the rest of it, you might actually still be a couch potato—just an “active” one.

The trackers measured movement (or lack thereof) in six-second increments, and by analyzing this data, the scientists were able to separate their subjects into four groups.

About a third of the participants sat for 10 or more hours a day, and rarely got up, though they did squeeze in 30 minutes of moderate exercise—the group’s “active couch potatoes.”

The second group, “sedentary light movers,” also worked out for a half-hour daily, but those subjects also engaged in “light activity

such as getting up and walking around, for almost 90 additional minutes.

After controlling for smoking, sleep habits, income, and other factors, then also examining the cholesterol, blood sugar control, and body fat percentage of all groups