For what reason Do Earthquakes Occur? Albeit the Earth seems to be a strong spot from the surface, it's entirely dynamic just underneath the surface.

The Earth is made of four essential layers: a strong covering, a hot, almost strong mantle, a fluid inner layer and a strong inward center.

The strong outside and top, firm layer of the mantle make up a locale called the lithosphere. The lithosphere is certainly not a constant piece that folds over the entire Earth like an eggshell.

It's really comprised of goliath unique pieces called structural plates. Structural plates are continually moving as they float around on the thick, 

The energy from a quake goes through Earth in vibrations called seismic waves. Researchers can quantify these seismic waves on instruments called seismometer.

A seismometer identifies seismic waves beneath the instrument and records them as a progression of crisscrosses.

Earthquake is a name for seismic movement on The planet, yet Earth isn't the main spot with seismic action.

Researchers have estimated tremors on Earth's Moon, and see proof for seismic movement on Mars, Venus and a few moons of Jupiter, as well!

NASA's Knowledge mission took a seismometer to Mars to concentrate on seismic movement there, known as marsquakes. 

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