Ever heard of teary-eyed dogs

According to the new studies published Monday in the journal Current Biology animals such as dogs shed tears in joyful situations

Next time when you meet your canine after 6-8 hours or a few days be careful they may be shedding tears of joy apart from their fur 

The scientist measured the amount of tears in the dogs’ eyes with the widely used Schimer test, which consists of placing a specialized strip under the eyelid

For the baseline reading first, they conducted the test under normal situations 

When dogs were reunited with their owner after 5-7 hours they significantly increased tear production

They also found out that dog's volume of  tears was higher when they reunited with their owner versus other people the dog is familiar with

This reaction to tear up is likely linked to the release of oxytocin, nicknamed the ‘love hormone

Domesticated by humans like no other animal doga have developed specific communications skills over the time 

Eye contact has been shown to play a role in forming the relationship between a dog and its owner