The sovereign of all smooshy-faced cats is undoubtedly the sweet-natured Persian.

The Himalayan gets his flat face from Persian lineage, but his suitable colorpoint coat and hanging blue eyes come from his Siamese determine.

For a long-living and peaceful companion, look no further than the British longhair.

The longhair's parent breed is the British shorthair. His Roman forebears arrived in England centuries ago as dedicated vermin hunters on farms

As one of the most popular short-haired cats in the world, it's easy to think the elegant exotic shorthair would let fame go to her head and be a total hands-off diva

Easygoing, spunky, and charming, the Scottish fold is a rarer flat-faced cat breed.

An American Burmese has a wider head, more rounded eyes, and is often stockier

A munchkin is about 3 inches shorter than the common cat, but stands tall with feisty cuteness.