Following a partnership among BMW and Qmerit, absolutely everyone who buys an electric BMW could have a Level 2 charger mounted at home.

As more people continue to tap into the electric vehicle experience, some are skeptical about transitioning from an internal combustion engine to an electric powertrain.

and most EVs can only run for a few hundred miles before shutting down. However, that situation is likely to change soon.

All 50 US states received the go-ahead two days ago to form a nationwide EV charging network.

Deep into Kansas City territory, Justin Herbert took a shotgun snap and focused Gerald Everett on the purpose line.

How The Qmerit Installation Works With range anxiety still a constant worry for EV owners, getting a Level 2 charger dramatically reduces the time spent waiting for the car to attain a full charge status.

How The Qmerit Installation Works Qmerit offers two different kinds of installation services called Standard and Concierge. The Standard package involves submitting the provider's home assessment form online.

To get a free estimate, BMW EV owners should visit Qmerit's online installation portal

respond to some questions and upload some photos. They'll get an estimate immediately after completing these steps.