Days before Halloween, the land part of The New York Times distributed my story, "How to Reside With a Phantom.

source:Christopher Millette

The piece highlighted voices of individuals who accepted their homes were spooky and who, after some experimentation, sorted out some way to reside with those phantoms.

source:Christopher Millette

A new report had found that almost 50% of 1,000 studied property holders had confidence in phantoms.

 Individuals I talked with enlightened me concerning bizarre sightings and unexplained sounds, even a phantom that one mortgage holder thought could be homophobic

Many perusers overflowed the remarks area with anecdotes about why they accepted (or firmly wouldn't trust) in apparitions, their own paranormal experiences and some humorously nasty comments. 

 Here is a gathering of a portion of our number one remarks, altered for length and lucidity. While analysts allowed the Times to republish their remarks here,

 a considerable lot of them were as yet reluctant to uncover their personalities and requested to stay mysterious.

That ghost eventually moved on. Then my neighbor died and she moved in for a few months, then moved on. I considered it a compliment by then that ghosts found me welcoming.