Sergio Mattarella welcomes Giorgia Meloni as she arrives for the swearing in Rome, on Oct. 22.


Giorgia Meloni was sworn in as Italy’s new prime minister to become the country’s first female leader heading its most right-wing government since World War II,

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She will address both houses of parliament next week for a confidence vote that’ll confirm she holds a majority.

after President Sergio Mattarella tasked her to form an administration.

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At the Quirinale Palace in Rome on Saturday, Italy’s new cabinet took an oath following Meloni’s coalition’s election win.

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An official handover ceremony will take place with her predecessor, Mario Draghi, on Sunday.

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Meloni faces governing at a difficult time, with investors watching closely.

A premiership involves steering the euro area’s third-biggest economy

and its mammoth debt through an energy crisis compounded by rising interest rates and slowing economic growth.