– The new GoPro HERO11 Black and HERO11 Black Mini cost $500 and $400.

– Rugged cameras are still compelling alternatives to smartphone cameras.

 The HERO11 uses its bigger sensor to add great new features.

GoPro's new rugged movement cams upload a few significantly neat capabilities, however their basic cellphone-beating feature remains unchanged.

The smartphone has replaced many gadgets, from phones to iPods to cameras and plenty more. But so far, GoPro remains, despite the many advantages of phone cameras.

The GoPro HERO11 Black and HERO11 Black Mini add Field of View and a much-progressed Horizon Lock.

These are software functions that might—theoretically—be copied through a phone maker. But is that probably? Not actually.

"You can stick one at the hood of a car for starters, rather than your $1,000 iPhone/S22 Ultra," David Chow, of technology employer CSA Catapult, informed Lifewire through Twitter.

The smartphone has several advantages over a GoPro for shooting and sharing video. One is that you can share footage as soon as it's captured.

That's probably the number two reason phone cameras beat all regular cameras, not just action cameras. The number one reason is that you already have a phone, and you have it with you.