There are generally multiple ways of observing Halloween in South Baltimore.

Neighborhood going house to house asking for candy in South Baltimore is supposed to occur Monday night from around 5pm to 8pm

Undesirable sweets High-fructose corn syrup, somewhat hydrogenated oils, and counterfeit flavors and varieties can be in every way found in Halloween candy

 In earlier years, occupied passageways for stunt or-treaters on the South Baltimore Promontory have included along Post Ave.; 

Difficult cavities As reported by USA Today, 4% of the sweets consumed in a whole year in the U.S. is eaten upon the arrival of Halloween, which adds up to approximately three cups of sugar for every youngster. 

Randall St. along Riverside Park; hinders east of Riverside Park on Covington St., Belt St., and Jackson St.; along Riverside Rd.

furthermore, Battery Ave.; on William St. in Government Slope; and all through Beetle Point.

Extreme sensitivities CNN reports that one in each 13 kids under 18 years old in the U.S. experiences food sensitivities.