Two or three tablespoons of honey a day could assist with warding the specialist off, as indicated by new examination.

In spite of being around 80% sugar, there are some astonishing medical advantages to consuming two tablespoons of honey consistently.

Another review has found it can assist with adjusting glucose and further develop cholesterol levels, which are basic cardio metabolic wellbeing pointers.

Cardio metabolic sicknesses are a gathering of normal, yet generally preventable, conditions - including coronary failure, stroke, diabetes, insulin obstruction and non-alcoholic greasy liver infection.

What's more, specialists are currently saying that supplanting added sugars in the eating regimen 

like sugar in tea - with honey can bring down the dangers of ailments related with eating a lot of sugar, similar to type 2 diabetes, coronary illness and non-alcoholic greasy liver sickness.

‘We’re not saying you should start having honey if you currently avoid sugar,’

if you’re using table sugar, syrup or another sweetener, switching those sugars for honey might lower cardio metabolic risks.’