New research from RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences has found that

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babies with larger birth weights tend to have fewer mental health and behavioral issues in childhood and adolescence.

source:social media

The study, published in European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, tested beginning weights and subsequent mental health in thousands of kids in Ireland.

Unlike many research looking at start weight, it used records that observed the identical children repeatedly throughout their formative years

and adolescence the usage of the Growing Up in Ireland have a look at, an ongoing examine of children born among 1997 and 1998.

The analysis showed that each kilogram below the average birth weight (3.5kg, or 7lbs 11oz) was associated with more reported mental health problems throughout childhood and adolescence.

Lower birth weight was also linked with emotional and social problems, particularly in the late teens.

This study shows the importance of good perinatal care and suggests that improving the overall health of women during pregnancy to ensure optimal birth weight