Republicans need a net gain of just five House seats in the 435-member chamber in November to win back the majority

The Associated Press projects that Karoline Leavitt will win the Republican primary in New Hampshire's First Congressional District, which has long been a highly contested swing House district.

Leavitt will now face-off in November's midterm elections with -time period Democratic Rep. Chris Pappas

The 25-year-old Leavitt - a New Hampshire native who worked in Trump’s White House press shop and later for GOP Rep.

"Unfortunately, tonight's results did not go our way, but I will never stop fighting for those middle-class families to make sure they are not forgotten,

The increasingly combustible battle between Leavitt and Mowers became one to the right, with both showcasing their Trump administration

However, Mowers did no longer cross as a ways as Leavitt in relation to Trump’s 2020 election loss to President Biden.

Trump, who endorsed Mowers two years ago, stayed neutral in this year's showdown.

But Leavitt emphasized that "the people are with me" and charged that "the establishment in Washington is viciously smearing me with $5 million in negative attack ads."