Konami’s livestream—extra of a video dump, and right here’s everything else it announced—has concluded and the lengthy-swirling rumors are showed

ilent Hill 2 is being remade for PlayStation five and PC.

The circulate didn’t waste any time, immediately diving into a trailer for the next-gen remake.

It opens with that iconic shot of Silent Hill 2 protagonist James Sunderland staring into the reflect

James then walks via the foggy streets of the city earlier than we see a cinematic montage of acquainted points of interest impressively rendered in cutting-edge portraits.

The trailer is short but confirms at least three things: The Silent Hill 2 remake is available to wishlist on PS5 right now,

it is being developed by Bloober Team, and it will be locked to PlayStation (and PC) for 12 months after launch. Sorry Xbox fans.


Just hours before its official presentation today, details about some Silent Hill projects were possibly leaked by none other than Konami itself.


The purpose of the broadcast, according to the video’s description, will be to “reveal the latest news for the Silent Hill series.”