During La Brea Season 2 Episode 1, almost every central character moved their character arc forward.

We saw natural character evolution from Lucas and some tension between other characters.

The season premiere picked up the day after Josh and Riley disappeared, and everyone was still traumatized by seeing them go to another timeline.

Lots of TV shows have plot holes, but La Brea may be one of the few where holes are the plot.

September 27, with a major shakeup of the tectonic sort before we even get to find out what everyone has been up to since we last saw them.

we chatted with a slew of cast members about the new challenges facing the survivors down below, including matters of the heart.

Chief among them, notes Gorecki, is Gavin’s link to this strange old world. “They still have to figure out the fact that he was having visions.”

Hat send ya plummeting again into 10,000 B.C. And now, the collection is back and as bonkers as ever!

They better do it fast, because it’s about to become very clear that Eve and the rest of the group at the clearing have not seen the last—or worst—of prehistoric threats lurking around them.