Leaked Audio from Celsius Meeting Reveals Plan to Pivot into Custody Business

Beleaguered crypto lender Celsius might restructure its business to come to be crypto custody

 in line with audio of an inner assembly shared by using a customer of the corporation.

Celsius Could Re-turn out to be Kelvin in Form of a Crypto Custody Firm

The new endeavor was code-named Kelvin, which might seem a reasonable successor to Celsius

He especially stated Pepsi, which went bankrupt in 1923 and 1931, and Delta airlines, which filed for financial ruin in 2005

The company owes much of its fame to the unprecedented APY rates of more than 10% on cryptocurrencies, a promise that proved unsustainable.

Celsius’ New Initiative Will Rely on Fees Founded in 2017, Celsius started as a crypto lending platform marketing

“If the foundation of our business is custody, and our customers are electing to do things like stake somewhere or swap one asset for the other, or take a loan against an asset as collateral