In Sanskrit, Amavasya signifies "day of new moon".

 In Hindu culture, constantly of Amavasya holds extraordinary importance as numerous celebrations and vrats are related with the Amavasya tithi.

The Margashirsha Amavasya Tithi has covered with the Chaturdashi Tithi today and accordingly, it will stay essentially until 4:26 AM on November 24

 Additionally alluded to as Amavas, Amavasya is the New Moon Day in the Lunar cycle and is of extraordinary importance for adherents of the Hindu confidence.

 This day is considered ideal for paying recognitions for the departed predecessors and furthermore doing a couple of things that can assist with warding off the stink eye (buri nazar) or Drishti

Close your right fist with a few coins and a currency note and rotate it anti-clockwise over the person who is sick at home and donate the money to the poor.

One may also rid themselves of the Kaal Sarp Dosha by worshipping their Ishta Devta on this day.

Those who have this Dosha often see the deceased and snakes in their dreams. Hence, the upay (suggestion).