Matt Healy locked lips with a fan onstage during a show with his band The 1975 in Las Vegas.

The 33-year-old singer was singing Robbers when he pulled a woman out of the crowd and kissed her briefly.

The kiss came after Healy admitted he was struggling with feeling 'sexualized' by fans of the Grammy nominated band.

While kissing a fan randomly onstage can be problematic, the woman he pulled onstage later took to Twitter to clarify that the embrace was consensual.

'So I did this, he saw it and brought me up, HE ASKED before he kissed me! Also I’m a grown age of 24,' she concluded.

The woman's name is Isabella, according to her account, and she changed her cover photo to a picture of her leaving the stage after the kiss.

Healy's eventful evening came a couple months after he admitted it was tough to be sexualized by fans of the group.

source:social media

He told The Guardian: 'People were having a romantic relationship with the band, I was sexualised to a certain extent; it was sexy, in the way that leather jackets and smoking and all that kind of s*** was sexy.'

source:social media