Trade unions and moderate ideological groups in Serbia have stretched out help and fortitude to the laborers of US-based cheap food chain McDonald's who are confronting difficulty in the country.

On Wednesday, November 23, the New Socialist Faction of Yugoslavia (NKPJ) and the Association of Socialist Young people of Yugoslavia (SKOJ) communicated fortitude with the laborers.

On November 17, a public interview was held in the public capital Belgrade by McDonald's representatives and delegates of associations like Nezavisnost

and the Global Association of Food Laborers (IUF) to examine the difficulties looked by laborers in McDonald's outlets

Laborers griped of low wages and dangerous working circumstances and said that they believe the organization should treat them with pride.

Masina reported that in the press conference, three long-time workers of McDonald’s outlets detailed their grievances including low wages, poor working conditions, long shifts, constant transfers, insults and abuses.

Jonathan Johanson, campaign coordinator from IUF, said that “Workers from this industry – with a workforce of 12 million peopl

According to Zoran Ristić from the Union of Agriculture and Processing Industry (Nezavisnost), unionization in the hospitality industry is very specific and different from that in the manufacturing industry.

“Traditionally, we didn’t have a large number of members in the hospitality industry, but it’s time for that to change,” he said.