Dallas City chairman Eric Johnson said the NTSB had assumed command over the accident scene, with neighborhood police and fire offering help.

The planes impacted and crashed around 1:20 p.m., the Government Flight Organization said in an explanation. The crash happened during the Dedicatory Flying corps Wings Over Dallas show.

Victoria Yeager, the widow of celebrated Flying corps aircraft tester Toss Yeager and herself a pilot, was likewise at the show

 She didn't see the impact, however saw the consuming destruction.

"We were simply trusting they had all gotten out, however we realized they didn't," she said of those ready.

The B-17, a foundation of U.S. air power during The Second Great War, is a monstrous four-motor plane utilized in sunshine assaults against Germany.

The Kingcobra, a U.S. military aircraft, was utilized generally by Soviet powers during the conflict. Most B-17s were rejected toward the finish of The Second Great War and just a modest bunch remain today

 generally included at historical centers and flying demonstrations, as indicated by Boeing.

Wings Over Dallas bills itself as "America's Premier World War II Airshow," according to a website advertising the event. The show was scheduled for Nov. 11-13, Veterans Day weekend, and guests were to see more than 40 World War II-era aircraft