day, October 4, is National Taco Day! The holiday was allegedly started in 2009 by the Del Taco chain

 but the history of the food itself is even murkier. Many claim that taco variations have existed for hundreds,

 if not thousands, of years. However, specific records of the food only date back as far as the late 1800s

with its first mention in American newspapers in 1905.

What we do know for sure is that over the century since its stateside introduction, the taco has become a staple of American cuisine.

It simply so occurs that October four falls on a Tuesday this yr, a.Okay.A. Taco Tuesday!

There are masses of reductions and freebies to take part in healthy for the event. Once you’ve scored deals at your favorite restaurants

 we’re here that will help you make the fine tacos proper at home for spherical two with these game-converting equipment.